Are you a teamplayer?

Ready go get started? Are you the trainer we are looking for? Or are you able to bring something special to the table? Are you at least 18 years old (or 16 for SportWays day camps), then we are looking for you! To sign up, fill in the form and after receiving it, we will give you a call to set a date for the intake.

Please keep in mind that for our overnight camps in Barcelona and our international day camps are for our more experienced staff members.

How it all started

the 90's

From the Amsterdamsche hockey camps to SportWays

In 1989, we organized our first hockey camp in Amsterdam, titled the Amsterdamsche hockey camp. The camp had 64 participants. We have grown into a global organization, with about 6000 participants per year. We do not only organize camps in Europe, but also in Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa and Bermuda. In 1995, we officially became a partner of the European Hockey Federation. Together, we organized several camps in Europe. We have celebrated our 30th birthday a few years ago. With over 30 years of experience, we gained a lot of experience. We want to keep on developing our hockey programmes and our care for kids.

A future through hockey

Hockey Dreams Foundation

We’re a loyal partner of Hockey Dreams Foundation for years, and we’re particularly proud of that! Hockey Dreams is committed to a better future through sports. Partly thanks to our collaboration, thousands of kids in Zambia, Malawi and Uganda can play hockey, under the guidance of enthousiastic regional coaches. Every year, a small group of coaches travel to the Netherlands, where they join one of our overnight hockey camps as staff.

Hockey Dreams Foundation supports young coaches in their education and personal development. Want to help? A small donation can do a lot! Visit their website for more information about their projects, to meet their coaches or to become a supporter.

Certified camp organizer


Since 2018, we are certified for the Steunpunt Kindervakanties quality standard, which is demonstrable proof we meet the high standard of kids camps and of the 100% quality we offer. Organizations that carry the quality mark meet strict criteria for safety, hygiene and quality. The quality mark has annual checks through an independent inspection body.

Standard intensity LEVEL

Barcelona Hockey Camp

A trip to Barcelona filled with sun, sea and hockey, how does that sound? At the Barcelona Hockey Camp you will stay at one of the most magnificent clubs of the world. You will find hockey pitches, padel courts, a swimming pool and a beautiful view; Atlètic Terressa has it all! Prepare yourself for a city trip to the centre of Barcelona and enjoy the beaches in the sun. Barcelona, here we come!

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Standard to high intensity level

Top Hockey Camp

During the Top Hockey Camps we focus on your hockey skills and development. Players from all over the world travel to Amsterdam to participate to this camp! Top Hockey Camps are perfect for the one who really want to improve. Are you ready to face the challenge?  

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high level intensity

Special Hockey Camp

We offer a variety of Special Hockey Camps where you will always find a perfect balance between hockey and social activities. We will provide all the ingredients to create an amazing camp! Each camp has its own special theme, for example the Thomas Briels Hockey Camp, Antwerp Hockey Camp and the EHF Euro Champions Hockey Camp. Which camp would you choose? 

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High to extreme intensity level

Elite & Elite Prep Hockey Camp

Looking for the highest level of hockey? Look no further, our Elite Prep and Elite Hockey Camps have it all. These camps are suited for players and goalies who play at regional or (inter)national top level and who are prepared to push them selfs to the limit. You will spend a large amount of the time on the hockey pitch but also be inspired by workshops, tactical sessions and video analyses. Are you ready for the highest level possible? 

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