Frequently Asked Questions

  • Payment:
    The payment is due 14 days after you have received the confirmation from SportWays. If you would like to pay in terms, please contact SportWays.

    How can I pay?
    You can pay through bank transfer.

    What does the buying of cancellation mean?
    This is outlined in our general terms and conditions.

    What happens when I cancel?
    This is outlined in our general terms and conditions.

    Why do I need a travel and accident insurances with sports covering?
    You only need this if your insurance company does not cover the hockey sport. Most insurance cover it, but since it is considered a dangerous sport there are some that don’t. Please check with your insurance company whether or not they cover it. In case they do not cover it you have to get a separate insurance for your child.

    How do I know if my insurance covers the hockey sport? And is this important for my child?
    This is usually outlined in the general terms and conditions of your insurance. If you cannot find it or you are not sure, we recommend you contact your insurance company.

    I have a complaint.
    If you have any complaint, you can contact SportWays at all times via, citing the name of the participant, the name of the event and the date of the event. You can reach us by phone (+31 (0)20 66 22 157) on work days, between 10:00AM and 5:00PM (Dutch time). To handle complaints as quickly as possible, we encourage participants to handle any complaints directly with the staff of the camp, before contacting his or her parents. In the event that there is a complaint during the camp (day camps and overnight camps), we strongly advise to let the participant at the camp handle the complaint directly with the staff. This way, a solution can be found during the camp. The participant can get in touch with the SuperVisor or Camp Manager.
  • Does SportWays arrange transportation to the camp location?
    SportWays doesn’t arrange transportation to the camp location. The parents should arrange all transportation. We can pick-up your child from the airport, see airport pick-up service below for more information.

    Airport pick-up service:
    SportWays provides airport services at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam), Zaventhem Airport (Antwerpen) and Barcelona Airport (El Prat). For airport service there will be extra costs.
    Return airport service Barcelona: €70-
    Single airport service Barcelona: €45,-
    Return airport service Zaventhem (Antwerp): €80,-
    Single airport Zaventhem (Antwerp): €50,-
    Return airport service Schiphol (Amsterdam): €50,-
    Single airport service Schiphol (Amsterdam): €30,-

    Attention: We only provided airport service at Barcelona El Prat, Schiphol airport (Amsterdam) en Zaventhem airport (Antwerp).

    Airport pick up:
    The SportWays staff will pick up the children at the gate in recognisable SportWays clothing. They will be transferred by bus to the camp location.

    Airport drop off:
    The SportWays staff will make sure all the kids are checked in and will be escorted to the customs. Times airport service: Between 10am and 3pm it is possible to use airport service. In case the arrival or departure time is different from the times above, please contact SportWays.

    Can my child travel alone from the airport to the camp location?
    From Schiphol airport and Zaventhem airport your child can take a cab to the camp location. In Barcelona this is not recommended because it is a long trip and cab drivers often can’t find the camp location.

    Airport assistance:
    Every airline has a minimum age for children to travel alone. If your child is younger than the minimum age of the airline you need to book airport assistance at the airline. Your child will travel with an attendant. For the pick up you need to give the airline the personal information of the staff member that will pick up your child. SportWays can provide this information.
  • My child doesn’t meet the age requirement for the camp to which all of his/her friends are going. Is it still possible for him/her to join them?
    The age limit is based upon the experience, physical strength and emotional maturity of the child. Whether the child meets this requirements will be decided after deliberation between SportWays and the parents.

    The camp coincides with the start/end of our family holiday. Is it possible to arrive later or depart earlier?
    This is possible after deliberation with SportWays. However, we strongly discourage late arrivals/early departures since it negatively affects the overall “camp experience”.
    If my child signs up alone, will he/she be the only one without any friends at the beginning of the camp?
    No. 20% of our participants sign up alone. At the overnight camps we try to put the children that come by themselves in the same tent.

    How can I contact SportWays?
    You can reach SportWays on the telephone at number: +31 20 66 22 157 (workdays from 10am till 6pm*). In case of emergency you can contact the overnight camp. During the summer camp period you can reach the office from 10AM till 12AM.

    Lost and found:
    The lost and found items will be kept for a period of three weeks after the end of the camp. After three weeks SportWays is legally allowed to donate the lost and found to a charitable foundation.
  • Is there a special Goalie program on player camps?
    At every camp there will be a goalie trainer present to provide training to the goalies. The goalies will have combination of special goalie training and training with the players. During tournament and other activities the goalies will join the players.

    Is it necessary to bring my own goalie kit?
    Yes, we can't provide goalie gear. 
  • My child has never played hockey before, but wants to know if it’s something he/she would like to do. Is it possible to come to your camp to figure that out?
    That is possible but not recommended. A whole week can be pretty long if your child doesn’t like hockey. Beside the hockey program there will also be a social program, but hockey will be the mean goal of the camp.

    Regular schedule at the Dutch camps
    8:00am Wake up
    8:30am Breakfast
    9:30am Start demo 1
    10:00am Start of training 1 and warming up
    12:00pm End of training 1 13:00pm Lunch
    14:30pm Start demo 2 15:00pm Training 2
    16:30pm Fruit break 17:00pm Daily tournament
    19:15pm Diner
    20:00pm Social program

    What is the staff-participant ratio?
    Per 4 participants there will be 1 staff member.

    Safety care:
    There will be 24 hours supervision at the camp. At night there will be so-called, night mayors, how will make sure that the kids are also safe at night. And gates surround the location.

    Mobile phones and valuable things:
    We strongly advise you NOT to bring your mobile phone or any other valuables to the camp. (The Supervisor has a phone that can be used to call home). If the participants do bring their mobile phone and/or valuable it is at their own risk. At the camp will be a bank where you can drop off valuable things.

    Do the participants need money during the camp?
    They don’t need money during the camp, but you can give them some allowance. We advise a maximum of €5 a day. Everyday between 18:00am and 19:00am the kids can buy something to snack or to drink if they want but it is not necessary. During the camp there will be enough food and drinks.

    Where do the kids sleep during the camp?
    The participants will sleep in tents. During the Barcelona camps, the participants will sleep in gymnastics hall.

    Do boys and girls sleep separately?
    Yes, boys and girls sleep separately.

    What should my child bring to camp?
    3 or 4 weeks before the camp you will receive a list whit all the things your child needs to bring to camp. Some essentials: - Hockey stick - Sport gear - Goalie Kit - Sleeping bag - Air mattress

    Alcohol and smoking:
    It is strictly prohibited to smoke or drink alcohol during the camps. At the arrival there will be a luggage check and all alcohol and cigarettes will be taken in and returned after camp.

    What is the common spoken language at the SportWays camps?
    The languages spoken at SportWays camps are Dutch and English and in Belgium also French. If my child has something on his mind, to which staff member can he or she turn to? Your child can go to the Supervisor. He or she is also the person the parents can contact during the camp.

    What is the policy towards children with homesickness?
    We have a special protocol for children with homesickness what is made in collaboration with Tischa Neve, this is a children and youth psychologist. This protocol is being used at all the camps. If you know your child suffers from homesickness it would be appreciated if you could tell us in advanced, than the staff can take this into account. Will my child be in the same trainings group as his friends? The trainings groups will be organized by level, therefore it can be that your child is in another group as his friends due to different playing levels.

    Social program:
    The social program is the program besides the hockey program. During the social program we will play multiple games, shows, a quiz and other sports then hockey.

    What is the social theme for the camp of my child?
    Four weeks before camp the social theme will be revealed. The theme will also be mentioned in the camp letter.

    Can I visit my child during the camp?
    Unfortunately that is not possible.

    Why not?
    It can be hard for children that don’t get visitors and it can be hard for children how see the visitors go without theme. Then the kids might get homesick, and that is something we want to prevent.

    Can I send a postcard to my child?
    If you send a postcard early in the camp week, you can send it to: Nieuwe Kalfjeslaan 21C, 1182 AA, Amstelveen , the Netherlands. We will make sure that the card will be brought to camp.

  • Only applicable to the Day Camps in the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • My child has a medical condition (e.g. ADHD, diabetes). Is it still possible to come to the camps?
    This should not be a problem in most cases. However, we ask you to contact us before you sign up your child so we can discuss the situation in advance.

    My child is on a diet do you take this into account?
    Yes this is taken into account, if possible with our catering company. Please contact us to discuss this in advance.
    What is the procedure in case of an accident, injury or illness?
    At the overnight camps a physiotherapist will be available two times a day. The physiotherapist will look at the injuries and will treat them. There is also a close collaboration with a general practitioner, dentist and hospital nearby. In case of a hospital visit, we immediately will contact the parents.

    My child uses medication. How do you handle this at the camps?
    It has our preference that all medication is handed in to the Supervisor. He or she can make sure that your child will take the medication on time. If the child want’s to hold on to his/her medicine, the staff cannot be hold responsible for the schedule of the medication.

    What is the procedure as to ticks?
    When the kids have spent time in a woody environment they will always be checked on ticks afterwards.